Gift Registry

WHAT? Just like a wedding gift registry, but for any occasion!

WHY? Enable your friends and family to help you build the art collection that you've always wanted, instead of getting you another sweater or a crystal candy dish.

HOW? Choose your favorite painting, sign up for a registry with a security deposit of 20%, you get a link to your registry, let your your friends and family know (share the link - choose whether it's public or private) and they can make contributions (cash, check, credit card) towards your painting. You may decide whether information about contributors is public or private on your registry, and contributors will have the option of remaining anonymous. In any case, the percentage of payment that has been covered will be visible on your registry page.

WHEN? Your registry will take a few days to be up and running, and then it will be available for one year. Full payment will be due at the end of one calendar year.  Whenever the full payment amount is reached, you can take possession of your painting. If at the end of the payment term (one year) there are not enough funds to complete payment, then you may select a different painting(s) with a value equal to or less than the paid-in amount, and any remaining paid-in amount will be converted to credit in your name in the form of a gift certificate for Ella Yang Studio which you can use at any time in the future.

WHERE? Get started right here! Click on "Request a Registry" OR to see an example first, click on "Sample Registry."

Have a question? Send me an email and I'll get back to you right away.