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Ella Yang Studio presents the up-to-date portfolio of cityscape and landscape paintings by contemporary fine artist Ella Yang, as well as her latest exhibition and other news from her studio in Gowanus.

Artist Statement


When I was a child, my mother routinely pointed out small details and encouraged me to notice the colors, shapes, and textures nearby, whether a pot of flowers tucked into a corner or a ray of sunlight peeking out from behind ragged clouds. This practice of being fully aware is a critical part of my art-making process. I paint to honor the liveliness and richness all around me, as a visual homage to the bounty in my life.

I am mostly a self-taught artist, and enjoy painting "en plein air", when the weather permits.  I also work from sketches and photos, but only of places where I've actually been. Based in Brooklyn, NY, I usually look for subjects in my backyard. I select scenes to paint, whether a gritty industrial street next to the Gowanus Canal or a neighborhood sidewalk with its mom-and-pop shops, where the man-made interacts with Nature. Escapes from the city offer peacefulness and cleaner air, but I still look for “architectural” elements.  My natural inclination is towards commonplace situations that seem to have a special patina at the moment I am there.

My goal is to find a simple way to capture the spirit of a scene at a particular instance.  Inevitably the paintings become infused with my own wonder and delight at having discovered something – a pattern, a gesture, an angle of light – that is inherently beautiful.  At best my paintings pay tribute to the abundant benefits of attentiveness.  When it's all working well, painting can be a form of highly active meditation.

Photo credit: (c)  Jon Naiman  2003

Photo credit: (c) Jon Naiman 2003


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