Works in progress... a commission and another Prospect Park view

Yesterday I started this commissioned painting of a farmhouse in NJ. It was an amazing place to spend the afternoon with bullfrogs croaking in the pond behind me and a light breeze keeping everything nice and cool (and pushed a couple of bugs and small leaf bits into the painting... will get those out later when the paint is a little more dry). Must return here to fix the dimensions of the house and put light onto the house. The roof color came out too white, and will need adjustment.

And, today I went back to work on this painting of a path near the 3rd Street entrance at Prospect Park. Really an excuse to spend the morning at a gorgeous, relatively quiet location (except when I was wrapping up, a school group descended and what a raucous group of middle-schoolers they were!). Will need to go back to fill in tree branches and highlights on leaves, maybe put some people in... not sure yet.