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Ella Yang Studio presents the up-to-date portfolio of cityscape and landscape paintings by contemporary fine artist Ella Yang, as well as her latest exhibition and other news from her studio in Gowanus.

I'm back from vacation...

It's been a heady 3 weeks of travel, and I'm having a hard time processing everything we saw and experienced in Tanzania and Uganda (+ 1 day in Kigali, Rwanda).  Mostly we saw huge numbers of wildlife, gorgeous otherworldly landscapes, and countries lacking basic infrastructure.  I really appreciate how easy our lives are in comparison. Meanwhile, it turns out that more than a year after it's publication, "100 New York Painters," in which I was included, was finally reviewed in this summer's Gallery and Studio Magazine (June/July/August issue). This magazine is "available free of charge in galleries, museums, book stores, hotels, restaurants, and other venues all around town" according to their website. The book, by Cynthia M. Dantzic, is available at all book retailers, including Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. (yup, that's me on the cover, barely two  pictures away from Chuck Close!)


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