Dropped off paintings at the Salmagundi for Fall Auction

I had two paintings I was sure I wanted to submit for the Salmagundi Art Club's semi-annual auction. I changed my mind at the last minute this morning and put in one of the Smith Street paintings instead of another one of Maine.  This auction is one of the Club's most popular events - original artwork at affordable prices. Bids for paintings start at $250!!! I think that's too low, but good for collectors. You can preview the artwork starting Monday, Sept. 29. Galleries are open daily 1-5 pm, and Thursdays until 8 pm. The Auction takes place on three Friday nights, Oct. 10, 17, & 24th. I'll probably be at all of them, although we'll see about the 17th, since that's the Friday before the AGAST studio tour weekend.  Hope to see some familiar faces at the Salmagundi!

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