Painting indoors is an adjustment

As a painter who prefers to be outside painting from life on site, late fall is always a tough time. Now it's been two months of winter, and I've adjusted to my winter rhythm. It's actually a lot easier in some ways to work in my studio. I don't have to unpack and pack for every painting session (my car trunk is nearly empty and the baby stroller I use to haul around my so-called portable Julian easel is pushed into space next to my storage shelves), I can bring food that can be heated in my old microwave, and best of all I have more social interaction with my studio-mates (including neighbor's dog Mingus). I paint a little more slowly and don't worry as much about what time of day a painting depicts. I can use my large glass palette and muck around with larger quantities of paint.  I work from photos of views that I've taken the last season. I just prepped three new canvases today, meaning I toned them with diluted paint so that I won't be starting with a stark white canvas. easel-and-prepped-canvases