Daring myself to work bigger

A friend of mine was cleaning out her studio and since she's decided to switch from painting on canvas to working on paper, she was getting rid of some large canvases. I could not resist and bought two 4' x 6' and one 4' x 5' canvases.  If you know my work at all, you'll realize that these are about 400% larger than my usual sizes. I had been meaning to try something larger, and this seemed to be a sign from the Universe that the time was now. I had to strap them to the top of my car with my husband's help; we crept down the streets thankful that we did not have far to go and that there was no wind except for that which we produced when in motion. I started to gesso one and ran out of gesso.

OK, so I didn't have a lot left, but now I'm also putting in an order for large containers of paint.  It's becoming obvious that this is a whole new ball game!