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Ella Yang Studio presents the up-to-date portfolio of paintings by contemporary fine artist Ella Yang, as well as her latest exhibition and other news from her studio in Gowanus.

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What? AGAST already?! Oct 2, 12-6 pm

There is a new steering committee running the Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour this year and they've made some interesting decisions: 1) move the date up earlier in October and 2) have it for only one day, not an entire weekend.  We'll see how well that goes, especially since the Tour flier which I usually mail out in advance is not going to be available until later this week. So, for a one-day event, I've decided to not mail any this year to save money on postage and the hours of work it takes to stick on all those mail labels! After all, hopefully most of my fans are on my email list by now (if you want to join, go to my website, EllaYangStudio.com and click on the "Join Mail List" link in the lefthand navigation bar) and will be receiving an email reminder in a few days instead. All that being said, you are invited! Please visit my studio at 168 7th St, Suite 2L, between 2nd & 3rd Avenues. One of my studiomates, Patrick Barrett, will also be participating and will demonstrate his letterpress (www.luckyduckletterpress.com). I'll be showing my recent paintings and have several older paintings on sale at a discount.

Pink Chairs on Balcony

Pink Chairs on Balcony

For a list of other participating artists and a tour map, visit www.agastbrooklyn.com.

Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour - this weekend!

With over 150 artists participating in this year's event, including me, you are bound to see wide-ranging approaches to painting, photography, video, sculpture, printmaking, etc.  Visit www.agastbrooklyn.com for a list of the artists and a map of the tour locations. There will be pedicab service, which hopefully will help out those frustrated by the myriad MTA subway service disruptions planned for this weekend. Be sure to visit me in my studio, location #18, at 168 7th Street (not Avenue), between 2nd & 3rd Avenues. I have recent paintings, oil studies, and etchings of Brooklyn's Bridges. Don't let the lousy weather forecast scare you away! Hope to see you, Saturday and Sunday, Oct 17 & 18, 1-6 PM.

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