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A week on the Connecticut Shoreline...

A couple of weeks ago, right after the Artwalk, a couple of painter friends and I spent a week on the Connecticut Shoreline to paint, paint, paint. I started 4 and have yet to finish them. Clinton is a small town north of New Haven; very laid back with the best breakfast and lunch to be had at "Coffee Break" on Main Street (I'm not kidding!). In fact, the hamburger (half-portion) was unbelievably fresh, delicious and gigantic! Oh, but back to painting. We painted morning and afternoon for a week. We were lucky with the weather. The week was intensive but extremely productive. If you have been keeping count, I now have far too many paintings in progress. (see entries below!!) It's now time to finish them. They'll be posted as soon as they are done. Meanwhile, here's one that's well along of early morning at the marina in Clinton Harbor.


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