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Hot, dehydrated, and worn out... but a happy ending

Describes me after this morning's trials and tribulations of hauling way too many paintings out of my studio, into my car, and then to delivering them to Sterling Place, the shop hosting me for this weekend's Atlantic Avenue Artwalk. Luckily, Robert, one of the owners and Alex who helps out at the shop, brought most of my works into the shop and made hanging/installing a total breeze.  Between the beautiful old furniture, eclectic tableware and collectibles, my paintings show really well there!  You'll have to go to the back shelves to find my Artwalk-special mini-paintings.This is what three of the six looked like a couple of days ago before I framed them.

They are in very pretty black frames with silver lining. I'll post photos in the next few days.

In addition to many new paintings, I  ended up deciding to bring a whole bunch of oil studies and older paintings which I marked down drastically: 25%-50% off regular prices. The paintings and these prices will remain at Sterling Place through Friday. So, if you can't make it there this weekend, be sure to check it out during next  week.

Hope to see you this weekend in Downtown Brooklyn (well, it's sort of more Boerum Hill, but don't want to scare of you Manhattanites) - this will all be very convenient to a bunch of subway stops. Check the Atlantic Avenue Artwalk website, www.atlanticavenueartwalk.com, for list of artists and a map.

Getting ready for ArtWalk 2010

If you are in the NYC area, be sure to hop a subway and swing by Sterling Place this weekend, June 5-6, 1-6 PM. I'll be showing as much work as I can squeeze in this lovely home decor and gift shop at 363 Atlantic Avenue, between Hoyt and Bond Streets. I am definitely a masochist... as if I don't already have a lot of paintings to sell that are framed and ready to go, I gave myself a goal of painting six new mini-paintings (6"x8") just over a week ago so that I'll have some well-priced, potentially impulse purchase items. It's been kind of intense painting these, but the need for speed has forced me to really focus on the abstract qualities of each painting. They've turned out to be a lot of fun.

I started with a commercial doorway in my studio neighborhood and one in the residential Park Slope. This gave me the idea to focus on doors (not very original, I know). Here they are:

Stoop and awning

Stoop and awning

Green door

Green door

I'm a little behind in adding these and the other 4 in the works so far to my website, but hopefully will get to that just before the ArtWalk... or not!

Hope to see you this weekend!

Getting ready for the Artwalk!

Well, if I were really organized, I'd have included a photo of my completely disheveled studio here!! I've been framing and preparing labels and lists. Yesterday, I had a chance to go back to work on the Moonraker Farm commission in NJ, but didn't have my camera handy. More on that later. In the mean time, don't forget to put the Atlantic Avenue Artwalk on your calendars - this Saturday and Sunday, June 7 & 8. I'll be at the Melting Pot at 492 Atlantic Avenue (Brooklyn, of course). See you then!

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