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Oil sketch for a commission

st-pauls-corner-sketchI did this oil sketch on gessoed watercolor paper to show a client what their commissioned painting might look like, in terms of a composition. It's a view of St Paul's Episcopal Church at the corner of  Clinton and President Streets. It was also an excellent exercise for determining the shape of canvas to recommend (square), and I got a feel for how the light hits the asymmetrical, stone building. I had fun playing with the warm tones vs. the cool, shadowed ones.  I'll post my work on it in "Works in Progress", so stay tuned!

Midtown Manhattan commission finished

This 22"x28" painting is of a historic 10-story building on Madison Avenue near Grand Central Station. Unfortunately because of high rise buildings built around it, the sun rarely hits it. Let's just say that I used artistic license (couldn't say "historic perspective" because of the yellow cab and SUV) to have sunlight drenching the Madison Avenue side of the building! I worked from several photos that I took, as well as archival photos and architectural drawings that were made available to me. Can anyone guess what business is in this building? brooks-brothers-small

Soon to be delivered to New Jersey

I finished this commissioned painting just before I left on vacation, but forgot to mention it here. I varnished it yesterday.  The varnish brought back to life the spring greens and rich reds; and it will protect the painting from dirt, dust, toxicity in the air (although I doubt that will be much of an issue where this painting will be going!). I've added it to the Archive page of my website, at the very bottom with other commissioned works.

A com-mission completed!

Finally, a long-awaited painting completed... no, not of the farm, but of a lovely limestone house in Prospect Heights with the family's 2 adorable kids out front. It took me quite a while to get the light right on the house, more lit on the right side by the morning light in spring, without it looking glare-y. I'll add it to my "archive" on my website next week. Other paintings are getting finished up, also. Stay tuned!

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