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Enthusiastic crowd at last night's exhibition reception

There must have been well over 200 people attending yesterday evening's reception and award ceremony for the "Contemporary NY Waterways" and "History Panorama" exhibition at the Salmagundi Club. It was one of the swankiest receptions I've attended there with a jazz trio, hot appetizers being passed by white-uniformed waiters, not to mention the usual wine and cheese. I got a lot of questions about "Lehigh Valley Barge at Red Hook" (image of it is in an entry below) - where is it docked exactly, how is it used today (it's now the Waterfront Museum); and a couple of people offered historical information about how barges were an important part of NYC history way back when.  All this in celebration of the Dutch discovery of Manhattan 400 years ago!

Painting toy (new), painting drop-off

I finally gave in and bought myself a new toy - a pochade box, aka a tiny all-in-one painting kit that can hold a 9"x12" canvas or panels, brushes, paints, palette, solvents & medium (but not paper towels), and unfolds into a mini-easel.  A painter's version of a laptop! I can't wait to take it out for a spin; perhaps at a local coffee shop or ....?108-0888_img

Meanwhile, I dropped off my painting, "Lehigh Valley at Red Hook," at the Salmagundi Club this afternoon for the upcoming "Contemporary New York Harbor" exhibition, Jan 26 - Feb 13.


Don't miss this show which will be in conjunction with another big exhibition, the "History Panorama: Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the Dutch Discovery of Manhattan". The Salmagundi is at 47 Fifth Avenue @12th Street, NYC. For more info, visit my website's "News" page.

Red Hook paintings... done! (IKEA beat me to it)

Finally, I got back to work on the two views from Red Hook I started a long time ago. Lehigh Valley, aka the Waterfront Museum, started with the original sky I saw - all orange-y brown, but it didn't do anything for the red barge and the great pile of rocks in the foreground. It took some work to get the rocks to look lit up, but not grab all the attention. And, the painting of the cranes... I ended up painting out the leisure boat that was in the foreground. It was grabbing too much attention from the real stars - the blue cranes. Here they are (better views at my website):

In progress... "Lehigh Valley" (a.k.a. Waterfront Museum in Red Hook, Brooklyn)

Here it is after another morning's work:

It was hard to get the light areas right because I was standing completely exposed and there was a lot of glare. I will play with that back in the studio. Also, the nice, light breeze there can get gusty! Saw lots of great looking tugboats chug by. Wondering where they dock...

Started painting a couple of views at Red Hook

I haven't had the chance to photograph the two paintings, but here are photos of the views I started last week. With the wonderful weather, I was looking for wide-open space by the water, and a break from the Gowanus Canal. I spent all day yesterday working on the two views. The painting of the barge (a.k.a. Waterfront Museum) will reflect the water being at low tide. Just when I thought the moving sun was a challenge! And, after initially putting the power boat in the second (afternoon) painting, I decided to paint it out yesterday.

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