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"You're a Dinosaur!"

A plein air painter friend of mine recently told me about her encounter with a passer-by when she was outside painting in the West Village this past summer. This stranger pointed out to my friend, "You're a dinosaur!" In other words, this person believed that not since the late 19th century when the Impressionists launched their movement had there been any artists painting on-site. Either that, or this person was hallucinating and really believed she had sighted an ancient reptile! The fact is that even while all sorts of artistic trends have come and gone, there have always been artists interested in and pursuing their passion for painting what they see on-site, out-of-doors, and I am one to continue on that path.  Sure, people are often surprised to see me with my easel in a particularly grimy neighborhood (as by the Gowanus Canal has been for years!) or even on a neighborhood sidewalk - "Are you painting that bodega, miss?!" "Are housing projects your specialty?"

We paint from life outside for various reasons. For me, it's the combination of my love of being outdoors and the challenge of capturing the colors and shapes I see before me in a pleasing and interesting composition. I do what I love, especially finding beauty in small, everyday details.  And the process is meditative; I am rarely as calm yet energized as when I paint en plein air. Am I carrying on a tradition? Am I stuck in the past?  Does it make a difference? 

In the end, I have my own voice and make my own mark(s).  Let the sun shine!

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"Sledding in Prospect Park"

sledding-homeI've finished this painting, "Sledding Home in Prospect Park" and am starting another snowy scene in Prospect Park painting, which I'll add to "Works in Progress" later.  Painting snow was something I've been wanting to do for a long time and I thought it was going to be kind a fight, in the way I took on painting water as a challenge. But, it turned out to be a more enjoyable learning experience. Now, I'm packing up for a trip out West and am taking my new pochade box with me. I can't wait to try it out. Somehow I never got around to testing it out at home, so we'll see how it works on the road! Hoping to catch some nice snowy mountain scenes in the next couple of weeks. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Starting a new painting is my favorite part of the process

livingrm3I started a new painting yesterday afternoon, which is always the most exciting part of the process. So much possibility, the excitement of laying down the first brave colors. I worked some more on it today, before heading out to an opening reception for an exhibition at the Salmagundi Club.  I've added it to Works in Progress.  The painting of the view from my studio is still too wet to go back into it, especially where there's a lot of white, e.g. in the clouds. Titanium White is one of the slowest drying colors.

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